Inclusivity and Diversity: Rejecting Sameness

Below is a portion of an article I read this morning.  For more than 30 years Stageworks Theatre has been committed to a far reaching inclusivity in our play selection, casting and staffing.  This article shows us all why we do what we do and why we must always strive to do more. Pay Attention: [...]

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Stageworks Theatre garners NINE Tampa Bay Theatre Awards

Stageworks is thrilled  to have received NINE awards  at the Theatre Tampa Bay Awards Gala on October 3rd. Eight for The Motherf**ker with the Hat and one for Ain't Misbehavin'. Here's the list of awards: • The MF with the Hat, Outstanding Production, Play • The MF with the Hat, Outstanding Ensemble, Play • Karla Hartley, The [...]

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Does Size Matter?

This week I posted the following quote on my Facebook page: The conversation we need to be having is how we can educate and galvanize audiences, donors, funders, critics, agents, and other power brokers in our field to not automatically equate value or leadership with size; to not automatically reward theatres according to size; to [...]

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