Light, fluffy and fun: ‘5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche’

Light, fluffy and fun: '5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche' Monday, August 14, 2017 12:27pm TAMPA — The show starts at the ticket counter, where audience members walk away wearing female name tags. The gesture continues from the opening moments of 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, as proud leaders of the Susan B. Anthony Society for [...]

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The exciting news about Stageworks’ 2015-2016 Season

After a year of unprecedented success in bringing the best theatre to the Channel District, Stageworks and announced what it deems "our most ambitious season," unveiling plans for 2015-16 which include a world premiere and a guest appearance by John Pinckard, a two-time Tony Award winner and co-producer of the critically-acclaimed Gentleman's Guide to Love [...]

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Theater review: Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Last of the Red Hot Lovers made its Broadway debut in 1969, when the wholesome ideals of the post-World War II generation bumped up against the proclivities of the Sexual Revolution. A then 42-year-old Neil Simon showed us what it was like to be caught between both worlds, giving us theater’s quintessential victim of midlife [...]

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Stageworks’ ‘Birds of a Feather’ a sweet look at love of all kinds

What's more adorable than a penguin kicking around a rock, thinking there's a baby inside? An actor playing a penguin kicking around a rock, thinking there's a baby inside. In this case it's Scott Daniel, who plays one of many birds in Stageworks Theatre's Birds of a Feather. The play by noted humorist Marc Acito [...]

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Theater Review: Handle With Care

As I re-read director Karla Hartley's note in the program for Handle With Care, it all started to make sense about how a simple holiday play centered on a Jewish grandmother and granddaughter could wind up being so important. "Finding commonality is a step to understanding," Hartley writes. "Understanding is a step to empathy. Empathy [...]

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Theater review: Superior Donuts

Langston Hughes’s defiant vow — “America will be!” — is a clarion call for Franco Wicks. The aspiring young writer, a key character in Tracy Letts’ Superior Donuts, has borrowed it for the title of his own novel, a bundle of manuscripts tied together with string that he hopes will be his ticket out of [...]

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Review: Stagework Theatre’s provocative season opener ‘Superior Donuts’

Superior Donuts, the latest treat offered by Stageworks Theatre, sprinkles enough comedic sugar on its fried confection to make for an appetizing evening. Yet it's the filling, a provocative mix of challenges about fear, hope and dreams, that prompts the satisfied audience to take enjoyable bites out of the production. Written by Tracy Letts (August [...]

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