MINDSCAPE – a Breaking New Ground play reading

/MINDSCAPE – a Breaking New Ground play reading
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by Mark E. Leib

featuring Elizabeth G. Fendrick, Jesse Carolan-Rodriguez and David Mann

Imagine that the Devil has been given a half hour to tell you precisely what he wants from you, specifically, in detail. And then imagine that an Angel straight from Heaven is given a half hour of her own to tell you her own wishes, from her own celestial perspective. And finally, imagine an “ordinary” man named Norman who manages a CVS drugstore, is bored with his marriage, and who, unknown to himself, is the battleground on which the Devil and the Angel are fighting. Mark E. Leib’s play MINDSCAPE is a contemporary twist on a centuries-old form of theatre, and features straight talk from three figures who reside deep in the human Mind. Expect adult language. And nothing like compromise.