Ya Levy-La’ford’s work will be on display throughout the run of Brownsville Song (b-side for Tray)

Ya Levy-La’ford
b. 1979, Bronx, NY
Lives and works in Bronx, NY, and St. Petersburg
Ya Levy-La’ford is known for site-specific installations of her bold, geometric paintings. She builds each work with a unique vocabulary of intersecting lines and gestural repetition. Her labyrinth patterns are both an exploration of self and place, as well as a reflection of her Jamaican background. Complex yet minimal, La’ford’s work emphasizes contrasts between light and dark and positive and negative space. For Skyway, La’ford created a new work that responds to the Tampa Museum of Art’s architecture and surrounding landscape. The title, Ra, references the Egyptian sun god. Light illuminates the interlocking forms and radiates with color in subtle hues. At sunset, the light glows deep blue and softens as the sun rises at daybreak. Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky, is on view nearby and is a companion work to Ra. La’ford has exhibited her work in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and has been the recipient of numerous awards. She earned her BFA Cum Laude in Painting at Florida State University; a JD from Levin College of Law, University of Florida; and received her MFA with Honors in Interdisciplinary Art from the Art Institute, Boston.  http://yalaford.com/

Gabriela Valencia’s work will be on display throughout the run of In The Time of The Butterflies

Gabriela Valencia is a professional visual artist and violinist from Ecuador, living in Tampa Bay area for nine years, with a focus on life experiences, surrealism, magic realism, spiritual art and Florida themes.  Her artwork has been featured in Art Centers, art galleries, magazines and newspapers in the Tampa Bay area and Ecuador.

Gabriela traces spaces with shapes and colors in which the strength of the sea, the richness of earth and human beings are revealed in subtle ways with special emphasis on women’s resilience. Her art aims to empower and motivate to raise the awareness of the importance of women in today’s society and inspire them through art.

Using different mediums such as oil, acrylic, and pastels, Gabriela takes all these elements and delicately combine them, providing the observer a better comprehension of the outer and inner world, as human beings in constant evolution.   Gabriela Valencia  www.gabrielavalenciafineart.com

“I dream a lot. I do more painting when I’m not painting. It’s in the subconscious.”  Andrew Wyeth

Jules Cozine’s work will be on display throughout the run of Blithe Spirit

Originally from Atlanta, Jules Cozine moved to St. Petersburg several years ago because of its strong art scene. As an artist – primarily painter working in oil on canvas – her art is abstract, inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, a 1950s artist of the abstract expressionist movement. With an M.F.A. from Georgia State University, Jules exhibits in the U.S. and Internationally. Her work is represented by the Anne Irwin Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Soho Myriad in Los Angeles, a commercial gallery placing her artwork in high-end hotels like the Las Vegas Four Seasons,  Art Classics, Ltd. in Chicago, Articles Gallery in St. Petersburg and Pop Up/Trend On, a project of  Elizabeth Brincklow Arts and Mary Childs Projects. She’s lived in Italy, Japan, and England. Before having her three children, Jules worked as an art teacher for the Atlanta College of Art and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been purchased by celebrities and is often featured in designer show houses, including the Hamptons Showhouse in New York.  http://www.julescozine.com/