Some months ago I ran across a quote.

‘Grief is the feelings you have and mourning is what you create from those feelings’

The Year of Magical Thinking is a prime example of beauty  created from grief. It has been described as a story “about death, about illness, about probability and luck, about good fortune and bad, about marriage and children and memory, about grief, about the ways in which people do and do not deal with the fact that life ends, about the shallowness of sanity, about life itself.”

As Stageworks takes one more step does the path that is The Year of the Woman, The Year of Magical Thinking is brilliantly written by a woman — Joan Didion — and this evening you will see that writing brought to life by an equally brilliant woman —  Vickie Daignault.

‘et in Arcadia ego’

Death appears when and where you least expect it.

But so does hope.

And so does joy.