This week I posted the following quote on my Facebook page:

The conversation we need to be having is how we can educate and galvanize audiences, donors, funders, critics, agents, and other power brokers in our field to not automatically equate value or leadership with size; to not automatically reward theatres according to size; to not assume that the quality of the art has to do with size of the institution. โ€” Seth Rozin

In a society that increasingly equates the size (whether budgetary or physical) of an organization to artistic success, Stageworks Theatre salutes those of you who also support smaller organizations in our community that are committed to fulfilling an artistic mission while being fiscally responsible. The Tampa Bay area is becoming a hotbed of interesting, diverse, dynamic theatre and dance as well as visual arts and I am sure the heart of this community will continue to support arts organizations, both large and small, as we weave a cultural tapestry that will serve as a living testament to the artistic, spiritual, and yes, financial health of our cities.

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