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NEXT PLAY  – Assemblywomen

NOTE: Assemblywomen has been moved to June 10th at 8pm

The June partnership is with Tampa Museum of Art. The play is Assemblywomen (also, Women in Parliament) by Aristophanes.
Assemblywoman is a comedy written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in 391 BC. The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and instate reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equity for the old and unattractive. In addition to Aristophanes’ political and social satire, Assemblywomen derives its comedy through sexual and scatological humor. The play aimed to criticize the Athenian government at the time.
There is a free WordPress version of the play available online.
There is a performed reading and discussion of the play by the Center for Helleinic Studies at Harvard, Kosmos Society at Harvard, and Out of Chaos Theatre in the UK available for free on YouTube.
Our Partner for June:

About the Exhibition

HerStory: Stories of Ancient Heroines and Everyday Women explores the story of women in the ancient world through the depictions of goddesses, heroines, mythological characters, and everyday women in the Museum’s collection of classical antiquities. The exhibition highlights objects that speak to the role of women in the ancient world, their myths and stories, from Aphrodite and Athena to Amazon Warriors to women of the everyday. These roles are examined through the museum’s collection of statues, fragments, vessels, and objects from daily life.

About the Tampa Museum of Art

Founded in 1920, the Tampa Museum of Art inspires the Tampa Bay region residents and others around the world by providing engaging exhibitions and innovative educational programs that emphasize ancient and contemporary art. The Museum houses one of the largest Greek and Roman antiquities collections in the southeastern United States. As one of the region’s most prominent museums devoted to the art of our time, the Museum’s permanent collection also embraces sculpture, photography, painting, new media, and more.

Online programs add to the year-round studio art classes, lectures, and tours that provide children, teens, and adults with opportunities to discover new perspectives and learn different art-making techniques. Likewise, through unique community partnerships, the Museum offers outreach programs that provide art-therapy-informed interventions and meaningful modes of self-expression to vulnerable segments of the population.

Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, the Tampa Museum of Art leads as both a cultural institution and a community museum dedicated to celebrating its home city’s diversity. In 2021, the Museum embarks on an ambitious renovation to increase exhibition space and education facilities to accommodate growing community partnerships and allow more hands-on, up-close experiences for students and adults. The Museum will remain open to the public throughout the Centennial Renovation, with an expected completion date of summer 2022.

General Hours and Information

For tickets and information, visit or call (813) 274-8130. Located at 120 W. Gasparilla Plaza. Tampa, FL 33602, the Tampa Museum of Art is open seven days a week, Monday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm, and Thursdays from 10 am – 8 pm.