Youth Ensemble Acting


Improvisational Drama Program

Working with a master teacher and professional actor, students learn the basics of dramatic improvisation and stage acting. The ten participating youth are guided by the Stageworks’artist/teachers to create, develop and stage their own dramatic performance. The process of creating a play through improvisation relies on acting and improvisational techniques which require intensive teambuilding. This is accomplished thru mastery of new communication and conflict resolution skills as well as lessons in acting and performance. Since the program taps into their passion for acting, the participating youth readily adopt new social skills that can prove valuable beyond the workshop setting to make responsible decisions, manage conflict, and to solve personal and social problems.

Ages: 10-18

Meets once a week for 9 weeks followed by a final showcase performance
Excellent for youth interpersonal skills development


Drama for Personal Growth

Stageworks artist/coaches use drama, improvisational role play, and drumming to teach positive methods for expressing anger and dealing with conflict. Students are guided to create their own performances that demonstrate negative and positive ways of dealing with real life conflicts.

Ages: 12-18

Meets once a week for 12 weeks followed by a final showcase performance
Excellent for anger management and behavioral challenges


Civil Rights Ambassadors Program

Stageworks artist/coaches train students to perform a monologue about famous historical Civil Rights figures as well as notable African Americans.

Ages: 10-18

Meets once a week for 12 weeks followed by a final showcase performance
Excellent for public speaking, personal confidence and civil rights education


Share our stories

Telling one’s own story empowers and encourages anyone. Using personal writing based on prompts given by artist/teachers, students build a performance centered on a collective theme.

Ages: 10-Adult

Meets once a week for 16 weeks
Excellent for creative thinking, writing skills and personal growth

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