diversity-typographyBelow is a portion of an article I read this morning.  For more than 30 years Stageworks Theatre has been committed to a far reaching inclusivity in our play selection, casting and staffing.  This article shows us all why we do what we do and why we must always strive to do more.

Pay Attention: A Call for Reality Reflective Programming

Theatre should be innovative, fresh; creating active debate and thought. If it is not, then why do it? Why do “Meh, it was ok…” theatre? That is the death of theatre. If theatre does not reflect our society, in all colors, abilities, genders, ages, religions and nationalities—then it does not reflect society at all. Not truly. It is just another play written by a perfect white, male playwright, directed by the same and starring the same. Boring with a capital B.

That “sameness” is not my reality, not the world I see on the streets of NYC, not on the streets of Europe, not in this global high-tech world. Theatres that have their heads stuck in the 1930s where, “Gee, we’re all white fellas and we’re going to do a show!” are horribly out of touch. The wealthy patrons and foundations that support them are out of touch as well and it saddens and angers me. Don’t get me started about opera houses funded by the wealthy, rolling in dough or the NEA and its active funding primarily of the same companies over and over again who really don’t need it.

We need as artists, director, writers, companies to do not only more reality reflective, socially challenging theatre, but also to bring more funders and donors to it. We are on the front lines of reflecting what the world really looks like when you pay attention to it.

The full text can be found here: Against Sameness In Theatre