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Opening September 2021

A electrifying courtroom drama in which tempers flare and arguments grow heated as the jurors in a murder trial reveal the hidden truths about themsleves and their morals, values and lives.

Tensions run high as a lone juror argues the innocence of a teenager accused of murder.

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Monsieur Bouc (Belgian, 30’s – 50’s, male identifying, any race) Director of Wagon-Lit, the train company
that owns the Orient Express, a good humored man, playful, generous, proud, an excellent host with a
love of luxury and grandeur. Frenetic on the move energy without seeming fidgety.

Mary Debenham (British, 20’s – 40’s, female identifying, any race) A governess with a spark of good
natured mischief and a sincerity that is not saccharine. Capable and romantic, anxious about her journey
on the Orient Express. She has a secret connection to Colonel Arbuthnot.

Colonel Arbuthnot/Sam Ratchett (Scottish/American, 20’s – 50’s, male identifying, any race):
Arbuthnot is matter of fact and a take charge kind of guy while at the same time being gentle and
charming – the very picture of the military gentleman. He has a secret connection to Mary Debenham.
Ratchett, on the other hand, is a blustering bully of a man. He’s an American businessman with a
gangster’s edge, evil at heart and frightening, unforgiving, stern demeanor, pushy, domineering. We’re
looking for a veritable chameleon for this one.

Michel the Conductor/Headwaiter (French/Turkish, 30’s – 50’s, male identifying, any race) Michel is
polite, hard-working, happy to have a good position on the Orient Express, eager to please. Michel
serves without being servile.
The Headwaiter is arrogant, Michel carries himself with pride – the difference between arrogance and
pride need to be clear in the physicality of the performances.

Princess Dragomiroff (Russian, 40’s – 70’s, female identifying, any race) Royalty, a sweeping, impressive
presence, intimidating, impatient, everyone knows when she enters the room.

Greta Ohlsson (Swedish, 20’s – 40’s, female identifying, any race) Missionary, inherently odd, very strict
and religiously devout, plain with a sheepish, almost frightened quality, Princess Dragomiroff is paying
her way in exchange for helping her on her journey.

Countess Andrenyi (Hungarian, 20’s – 40’s, female identifying, any race) Beautifully and exquisitely
dressed, like something out of a fairy tale, with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets, intelligent.
Quiet, competent presence – a little bit of mystery.

Hector MacQueen (American, 20s – 40s, male identifying, any race) Secretary and assistant to Samuel
Ratchett, tightly wound, edgy and nervous, always seems to be on the verge of falling apart – has a bit of
a nervous stutter. Seems younger than he is because of his earnestness of character.

What to prepare:

For those auditioning for MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS please choose TWO monologues from
different characters to perform at your audition. If the role you are interested in is not represented
below and requires an accent, please choose a monologue to perform with the accent that is right for
the role you are seeking. Please be prepared to read other monologues upon request.

To schedule an audition, please email:

Performance Information


September 20th to October 13th, 2021 


October 14th to October 31st, 2021

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