A Word From Our Artistic Director

Two years ago, when I was in Atlanta with my son, we decided to see what shows were available to us.  Atlanta has a vibrant theater scene and we were eager to find something new and interesting.  We decided to check out The Aliens by Annie Baker at the Pinch ’N’ Ouch Theater (a decidedly Meisner-esque company name if I ever heard one).  Having thoroughly enjoyed directing Circle Mirror Transformation by the same author, I was looking forward to it.

The theatre was a hole in the wall that sat maybe 30 people in an industrial park in Northwest Atlanta.  Marcel and I weren’t at all sure what to expect, but we really like exploring new things and having cultural adventures.

As this delicate story unfolded we were enthralled.  It is a beautiful story about small moments — and how those small moments accumulate and coalesce into something with larger meaning.

Our lives cannot be measured only by momentous events and our response to them.  Life is, I think, measured in minor, seemingly innocuous,  experiences every day. Experience that build, one upon the other, to make us the person we are to become, faults and all.  This stockpile of moments and reactions then determine how we respond to larger, theoretically more meaningful challenges in life.

The Aliens is advanced ‘audienceship’.  It is a play that requires patience.  The story unfolds very gently and – much like life-  at first it is difficult to see where the play is going or when it will get there.   Stick with it, open your mind and let it wash over you.

Let yourself experience it.  Somehow we have lost our ability to simply be patient and have experiences.  We are all too busy.  We are all moving too fast.  No time to sit and listen.  No time to sit and reflect.

We forget that experiences are what make us who we are. Experiences allow us to look at the fellow next to you with curiosity and understanding.  Experiences give us empathy and compassion. Goodness know we need these qualities now more than ever.