As I re-read director Karla Hartley’s note in the program for Handle With Care, it all started to make sense about how a simple holiday play centered on a Jewish grandmother and granddaughter could wind up being so important. “Finding commonality is a step to understanding,” Hartley writes. “Understanding is a step to empathy. Empathy is a step towards peace. … We must overcome the barriers that keep us separated as people whatever those barriers may be — language, religion, politics or philosophical differences.” Artistic Director Hartley’s Stageworks production follows an Israeli woman named Ayelet (Georgina McKee), who travels to America with her grandmother (Savta, played by Midge Mamatas) on a personal mission. A foul-up caused by a delivery driver named Terrance (Brandon Shea) forces translator Josh (Eddie Gomez) to use the little Hebrew he knows to set things straight.

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