La Palabra Hablada: Spanish-speaking Spoken Word at Stageworks Theatre!
Sunday, December 16th, 7-9pm 
“La Palabra Hablada:” Spanish-speaking Spoken Word at Stageworks Theatre, is a brand new initiative created for the following:
 – establish space for our Spanish-speaking artists, poets, and musicians to share their craft 
 – provide entertainment for our Spanish-speaking audiences through poetry, music, and food
 – applaud, support, and honor the duality of language and diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures that have existed within this community since it’s inception
In line with it’s mission statement, Stageworks will be presenting this event on a quarterly basis at their theatre and encourage our Spanish-speaking community to come out and participate, support, and be entertained. Lastly, please let us know how we might increase and improve this sort of programming for years to come!