donuts Play It Again, Sam was written by the comic genius, Woody Allen, Play It Again, Sam was first produced on Broadway in 1969. This is the play in which Woody Allen perfected his now-famous neurotic lead character, in this case a film geek named Allan Felix, who begins dating again following a divorce.

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Ayelet, an Israeli girl who speaks only Hebrew is dragged by her bubbie on a road trip to America. Despite a botched DHL delivery of a coffin, an unexpected blizzard on Christmas eve, and an ill-equipped translator, the clues her grandmother leaves behind eventually lead Ayelet to find what she didn't even know she was looking for: her destiny. A hilarious and heart-warming comedy that is the perfect Jewish Christmas story.

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birds FLORIDA premiere: Inspired by true events. a smart and surprisingly human comedy about two bird families living in New York City: Roy and Silo, the two male penguins who raised a chick together at the Central Park Zoo, and the red-tailed hawks who made their home on the ledge of a 5th Avenue building. A heart-warming story that celebrates families of every type.

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donuts A middle-aged, overweight and married restaurant owner tries to join the sexual revolution before its too late! Three women, three afternoons, three shots at living La Dole Vita! But his gentle nature leaves the crowd roaring with laughter as his efforts to seduce the women fail! "As witty as ever, perhaps wittier." N.Y. Times

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