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  • 16-17 Season announced!

    We were pleased to announce our 16-17 season last Friday

    Psycho Beach Party

    By Charles Busch

    From the author of The Divine Sister!  Beach Blanket Bingo meets Sybil. Chicklet Forrest just wants to fit in with Starcat, Yo-Yo

  • A word from our Producing Artistic Director

    I was afraid to come to work yesterday.

    I was afraid to come to work because I was doing a play that has the word Lesbians in the title.

    I was afraid because I am a lesbian.

    I was afraid to come

  • Can Theatre Change the World?

    From howlround.com:

    Anne Kauffman, director:
    “This is my theory. I don’t think theatre can change the world. I think theatre is a necessary part of our culture’s ecosystem. It’s not about necessarily changing the world. It’s about a very, very

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